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A stunning trio of green stones (prehnite, labradorite, and a copper-encrusted emerald leaf) adorn this beautiful pendant reminiscent of an ancient forest. Pictured in different lighting and angles to show the translucency of the prehnite and the gorgeous flash in the labradorite. The process used to create the copper setting is called electroforming - a technical and time-consuming process akin to modern day alchemy. This pendant is strung onto a 17" steel chain. I then finished it with a patina, polish, and protective seal.

A word on wearing copper:

This piece is finished with a protective seal to preserve the patina and provide a barrier between the copper and the wearer's skin, but no seal on copper lasts forever. Wearing a copper piece while exercising or into water can expedite the seal wearing off. However, some believe there are health benefits to be had by wearing copper jewelry - there are claims that headaches, arthritis, joint pain, and zinc deficiency can be relieved by wearing copper jewelry directly against the skin, and you will often find copper bracelets in health stores. For those who wish to avoid the "green band", there is good news: if you notice the piece beginning to react with you over time, simply coat the areas that touch your skin in clear nail polish to alleviate the effect.