What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled is a layered gold material that provides an economic option for people who want to wear gold jewelry without the expense of solid gold. Gold-filled is easy to care for and generally will maintain its appearance for a lifetime.

Gold-filled is generally constructed in two to three layers, with the outer layer being gold and the core being a base metal, usually jeweler's brass.  A gold alloy is then bonded to the surface via heat and pressure so that everything that can be seen and touched is gold. This makes it much more durable compared plated gold material which is a thin layer of gold sitting on top of the base metal which can easily chip or peel off. The material I use is 14/20 gold-filled, which means that the outer 5% of the material is 14k gold. 

To clean gold-filled jewelry simply use mild soap and water. Hot weather, sweat, and water, will not damage the jewelry. Gold-filled is much better quality and has a much longer lifespan than plated jewelry.