September News: Crystal Caves and Ear Weights


Good morning (or afternoon, or evening) and welcome to the beginning of Fall! It's nearly here and I'm so excited to get into autumn and winter collections.

The first installment of the fall & winter collection series, Crystal Caves, launched yesterday! I'm so humbled by how excited y'all have been and so grateful to all of you who have already purchased pieces from the collection. This collection is centered around dark copper with buffed highlights (though there are a few bright and shiny pieces) and features gorgeous water-clear Arkansas quartz crystals set into hand sculpted elements (like the Undergrowth Necklace, pictured here) and hand forged rings. These crystals are ethically sourced - I got them from a lapidary artist in Virginia who mines them himself!

You may have noticed the addition of a new category - Ear Weights & Hangers. This is something I've been working on and prototyping designs for several months and I am so happy to finally be offering versatile designs for my fellow stretched-lobed folks. Many of the hoops are designed with the idea of being "stack-able" in mind - that is, you can wear multiples together and mix and match your looks. I have solo pairs stocked right now, with multi-hoop sets coming in the next few weeks. I will also be adding more ear weights as I continue to work on sculpting and carving designs for casting in silver and electroforming in copper. 

I do have Halloween inspired pieces in the works, and those will be releasing late this month or early next month - keep an eye on my instagram for sneak peeks at new pieces and a look behind the scenes!

Last month I closed my custom orders, and I will be re-opening them after we come back from our trip on September 16 for limited spots each month leading up to the holidays. I know it is early to be thinking about holiday shopping but I am anticipating my holiday custom slots filling up very quickly this year! I will also be creating a gallery of all the stones I have available for customs for you all the browse.

As always thank you all so much for making my dream possible! I'm so excited to keep putting out beautiful work for you all to enjoy. Talk to you soon!


♥ Lizzie


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